Heir protection for digital assets

This cannot be a closed book

Digital assets are usually unknown or inaccessible content from contracts that were concluded by the deceased person when they were alive.

If passwords and other access data are not available to the surviving relatives, this makes the timely processing more difficult or even impossible.

With QuickForm you can help your customers all the same.

Determine automatically, settle individually

With QuickForm user accounts, accounts and profiles of the deceased person can be ascertained from all leading providers of online content.

The data protection-conforming death information helps companies and contract partners to allocate memberships or other running contracts of the deceased person. This is followed by the cancellation, deletion or transfer and continuation of the contracts by the legal heirs or heirs.

Unnecessarily continuing costs – for which the heirs are legally liable – are therefore prevented as soon as possible and credit as well as other asset components are secured.

All results of the research can be found by you and your customers, up-to-date in the formalities portal.

Sociable even after death

Profiles on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or Xing that continue to exist after the death of a person, can, alongside continuing costs, also trigger negative feelings for the relatives.

Maintain reverence in such cases and quickly and straightforwardly get to work for your customers: With QuickForm you can carry out a quick deactivation or deletion of the existing profiles even for foreign services.

Heir protection and data protection must go hand in hand

Direct access by QuickForm to the content saved with online providers (photos, e-mails, texts, documents etc.) is not possible for security and technical reasons.

Only authorized persons (relatives, legal heirs, heirs, executors) receive the legally and contractually regulated access rights as well as access data to existing user accounts of the deceased person from the online providers.