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Save on postage stamps, paper and printer ink and gain valuable time in the de-registration of the deceased person.

Replace time-consuming, individual address research with the QuickForm quick search in one huge, always up-to-date database. This allows you to deal with everything that's important and much more online. You therefore always enjoy the security that Columba's de-registration guarantee provides.

QuickForm quick search – test here

    e.g. ADAC, health insurance, E.ON, o2, pension insurance, TV license, Sky, Telekom, Vodafone mobile

    Note:The search shown here is a simplified database demonstration. De- and re-registrations can be sent to any recipient with QuickForm.

    Test the full version of QuickForm!
    Send your contact details to livedemo@columba.deor call us on: +49 (0)30 / 2089817-30

    Ticked means completed

    In every order undertaken with QuickForm, you can expect the highest level of security. After all, we guarantee that every de-registration is received by the addressee and are liable for damages caused by de-registrations that are not received.

    A green tick in the order status therefore always means "successfully sent" and therefore guaranteed.


    Re-registering and de-registering with payments

    In the event of re-registration, the company is informed of the desire for the continuation of the contract and the corresponding details of the new contracting party.

    Also with de-registrations that are associated with payments to one or more recipients, all necessary information (incl. installments) can be easily recorded and specifically sent.