IT for successful funeral directors – we make it personal.

Progress that makes sense and is fun

All the employees of the funeral home benefit from Columba's experience of successful implementation in large and small companies and the training of QuickForm

Grief counseling and administration therefore receive the optimum instrument for modern, high-quality customer service and organizational relief straightforwardly and quickly.

Our most important goal in this is to personally advise you and offer the best-possible support, to create new and important benefits for your funeral home with digitization and to ensure the future:

  • Expansion of service offers
  • Reinforcement of customer loyalty
  • Digital image and expertise benefit
  • Increased efficiency of business operations

The right solution for all

If you already use order software, you benefit from our interfaces and cooperation solutions with all the leading providers.

To avoid duplicate data entry, for example, all necessary and already recorded order and customer data can be automatically taken care of by QuickForm.

To allow you to get a better idea of our application and its benefits to you there is our online demo for new customers.

Have us advise you

We are happy to show you how your company can be good to go for the best digital formalities service in just a few days. Request our no-obligation quote with conditions and prices here:

For QuickForm online demos or individual offers, you can also contact us directly:

Oliver Eiler
Management, Customer Advice
+49 (0)30 / 2089817-30

Lena Steinmetz
Business Development, Customer Advice
+49 (0)30 / 2089817-30

Max Witt
Key Accounting, Customer Advice
+49 (0)177 8373922